How do I start multiple apps in one android projec...
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How do I start multiple apps in one android project? I also want to share code between the apps. Any tutorial or official documentation which may help me with this. Thanks.
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Like I see in the codelabs that has two apps - start and end. They don't share code but at least same app is in one project. How do I do that and if sharing code is possible, how do I do that too?
If you use gradle just add android application module. If you want to share code between apps then add android library module. Android studio have wizards for this. If you want to create shared code outside project then create another project and connect it to yours as a submodule. Or publish inside some repo and add as dependency But it is not the kotlin question btw
Thanks. I didn't know about modules and libraries. Fairly new here. Also this thread is for android so I posted here.
Check the channel description. This whole Slack is for Kotlin-specific questions. There are other places for general Android questions.