Hi guys, I am in a situation that our backend team...
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Hi guys, I am in a situation that our backend team is unable to provide us with a paginated endpoint for a large dataset. Any tips/articles on how to handle huge json responses with coroutines/flow? (I’m using retrofit for networking)
How big responses are we talking?
Up to ~200 mb, enough to get out of memory exceptions
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My I/O knowledge isn't the best, but I think you could get the response as a stream
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33030137/retrofit-2-0b2-how-to-get-inputstream-from-the-response Then you'll pipe the stream into a serialiser like Gson or Moshi to parse out objects. Then I would store each object into Room or SQLDelight and do pagination from that. This article looks promising for the serialization. https://www.amitph.com/java-parse-large-json-files/
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Thank you! definitely looks promising, I’ll try it out
One day though we might be able to use- kotlinx.serialization, instead of Gson or Moshi https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlinx.serialization/issues/204 https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlinx.serialization/issues/1073
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