hi team, I have an app that works with in a specif...
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hi team, I have an app that works with in a specific set up, we install few other apps that this app will communicate to, and also in a stand alone mode where this specific can alone be installed and used. If this app is in stand alone mode then the login is handled by this app and if this is part of the specific set up, as mentioned above, then Login is handled by Custom Launcher app so this app just gets the token and authenticates the user rather showing a Login screen and asking user to enter data. How do we usually differentiate the stand alone mode is the question here ? Please share your views and experiences.
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@kenkyee @Kirill Grouchnikov I dont undersand your response. This is an android question and posted in android channel.
This is a Kotlin slack. This channel is not for general Android questions. See channel description.
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I'm trying to make pizza that tastes like Android... Think pesto would work? 😂
Cool, i just posted this question by seeing the channel name.
But do you have any comments or feedback about the question ?
@Zach Klippenstein (he/him) [MOD] Do you have any suggestions for my above question ?
Nope, sorry
Could you let me know if the question is clear ? Or do i have to rephrase it so that it will be clear ?
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@Mohan Babu Malairaj unfortunately you're likely not to get any answers since your question is not kotlin related. Probably better off asking in Stack overflow.
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