Help! I have lost the release key which I used to ...
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Help! I have lost the release key which I used to sign apk builds in Android Studio. Can I get/extract that release Key info from apk? I have already tried to make a new key with almost the same info but the time/validity info is unable to match. And now I am unable to install the update on the apk already installed version on mobile.
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No of course you can't, that the whole point of having private keys; otherwise anyone who downloaded your apk from an app store could fake your apps!
You'll have to sign your new apps with a new key, users will have to uninstall the old versions first before upgrading, not sure how this works with e.g. play store
@Niklas Gürtler Thanks for the info, yes only uninstalling and reinstalling the new app seems to work but user can't really update an existing one.
exactly, Android refuses to replace apps with new ones signed with a different key for security
Google will allow you to replace it if you ask nicely. I've seen (edit: sorry, I meant heard from a colleague, I had nothing to do with that) it happen.