Hi, I'm looking for an appropriate DI framework. M...
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Hi, I'm looking for an appropriate DI framework. My app is small, maybe 20 injects and I will have a pure kotlin module, so depending on android framework would be too much. Currently I'm fired up for toothpick because its pure kotlin, but had also a look into Hilt. Does Hilt have only kotlin support or is this only available with android? Is it fine to go with Toothpick or would you recommend s.th. else?
I'd say take a look at Koin if you haven't already since your app is small. It's very easy to integrate. https://insert-koin.io/ It's technically a service locater but may work for your app.
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Hilt is just Dagger with Android built-ins, so if you go that route maybe square's anvil will better suit your needs. For a small app dagger is probably more complicated than it's worth, so +1 to what jeff said 🙂
Why you don't like kodein? Its simple, full in kotlin and simpke use declaratie pattern/. Hilt use kapt and othher have parts)
Kodein is the worst if the most DI blog posts can be believed. Then I would go with either Koin or toothpick. Just of curiosity: Do you just not know it or what is wrong with toothpick?
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Kodein is lite, compile time, very fast and simpple to debug. If you need simpke injection without definition of modules and etc.
My app is small, maybe 20 injects and I will have a pure kotlin module
hack - try use globalConfiguration. Its kodein mode for one global config.
example bind in global conifig in app onStart
inject example
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private val blockChangeStateB by instance<AtomicBoolean>("blockChangeStateB")
and its all what need....
I will at least have to scope my dependencies so no gloabalConfiguration but thanks for your investigation.
Katana is like kodein but even lighter, its fully functional, but currently in maintenance mode...