10/21/2020, 5:25 PM
Hello, I have a question, what is the best clean way to for instance: List - Detail List may have like 5 different types Detail I want to be just one, but perhaps is a bit complicated because each item needs different 
 . Example: ListItem1 needs Name, Surname, Age so on DetailFragment I should only show these 
ListItem2 needs Url so on DetailFragment I should only show one 
ListItem3 needs 8 fields so on DetailFragment I should show 8 
And so on ... So, I thought to have a DetailListItemXFragment and on each Fragment have the stuff that the item needs, but if it grows I'll end up with N DetailFragment, but otherwise the logic for DetailFragment if I have only one will be huge. So I want to know a proposal of a clean arch like creating a FactoryDetailFragment or something to make it scalable, any idea?

Casey Brooks

10/21/2020, 5:37 PM
This is not a general-purpose Android Slack channel, it’s specifically for support related to Kotlin as used in an Android app. There are other resources, such as StackOverflow or which will better serve you for general Android help.