For MotionLayout: does someone know how to transit...
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For MotionLayout: does someone know how to transition to a State/ConstraintSet instantly (skipping the transition)?
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Looks like there is no dedicated functionality included in MotionLayout itself. In the end I just did this:
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setTransition(...transition id...)
progress = 1f
Please check the channel topic
dude, that is starting to get annoying. What is the point of an android channel then? What are the specific kotlin android things we can ask here, tell me please
Do you understand that this is JetBrain’s Kotlin slack?
there are different places where you can ask such questions
what is annoying is flood of android specific questions
You have for such questions
Or stackoverflow
Or google
i get that. What i asked is, what is the point of this channel (android) then ?
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Android Studio Integration.
Android-specific Gradle.
also relevant: Android KTX, kotlinx-coroutines-android, kotlin-android-extensions, coil, etc.
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