Hey. I'm looking to build a Kotlin android app fro...
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Hey. I'm looking to build a Kotlin android app from scratch, something I could use on my portfolio for jobseeking. But with hundreds of thousands of apps already live, how does one choose what kind of app to build? (I've done Udacity's android developer nanodegree (java), so have a few projects on github. I also just finished Antonio Leiva's Kotlin for android online course, hence my current situation)
Best is either to build an app for something you already use or an app you want to build because there aren't any good enough options. Just don't use the Twitter API because they keep restricting their API limits. I've been building a Notes app for myself, the twist is that I want end-to-end encryption and Dropbox syncing. There are few apps that do this and even fewer that are native. Maybe you browse Reddit and want to build an app for that. Or maybe you like sound board apps but haven't found one that's simple to use. Lots of ideas like that. Every time you get an idea anywhere, note it down.
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Check out the top few apps related to a topic and make a better version of them, addressing their limitations.
Don't write an app just to put something in your portfolio ; write an app that you'd find useful and in your area of interest. Building an app from scratch may take a lot of time. Writing one that directly benefits you will keep you motivated, while also developing your creativity. I think recruiters are more interested in creativity a,d general problem-solving abilities than pure technical skills. When showing this app in a job interview, explaining how you came up with the idea and how you thought of solving it demonstrates all that.
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Thanks. Good suggestions all around.