When starting on a project whose design is ready w...
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When starting on a project whose design is ready what steps should consider before start coding? Architecture of project is important. Use case diagram, class diagram they are useful also. But anyone have any resources or thorough guideline to share about the whole process from the very beginning? Thanks advanced. (Asking from android perspective but should consider ios or obviously web for later)
Sorry but this is not related to kotlin
Yes I know. But this channel purpose is writeen as: Discuss android specific topic. So asking here.
This is the Kotlin slack though - the purpose implies "discuss Kotlin + Android specific topics". That said, you're basically asking how to do software engineering, that's a very broad question. Googling "software engineering books" turns up a list of titles that are all pretty popular: - Code Complete - Clean Code - Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable object-oriented software - The Clean Coder - etc
Thank you. Actually I was asking about steps before start coding on a project. Those are very detailed books of best practices for coding.