Hello guys, I want to know if it’s worth investing...
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Hello guys, I want to know if it’s worth investing in instrumental testing in Android, Do I need to write them, keeping in mind how much time to spend maintaining them.
Depends on a project, its timeline, etc. At my company we’ve worked on many projects and some had integration tests (high volume projects with well defined designs and requirements), and some had no integration tests (lower volume, one-off projects or very volatile requirements). So you have to decide on your own whether it’s worth doing the integrations tests or not in your project.
so if it’s very changing in early stage of development, business .. it doesn’t pay off, otherwise I should use it
Yes you should write them... Especially if your just starting a project... Having a good testing paradigm in the beginning us essential to app health of any production app. Although there is a tradeoff of time consumption, but having assured stability mitigates that in my opinion
It’s definitely worth having at least a quick smoke/launch test, even in tiny projects, imo. Also, see https://martinfowler.com/bliki/TestPyramid.html