Dumb question - but what’s the equivalent of iClou...
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Dumb question - but what’s the equivalent of iCloud on Android? Is there a way for a user to have app data sync across multiple devices? If so, is it via an account that you can expect all/most users to have nowadays? (edited)
I think it’s the Google Drive
I was thinking about what WhatsApp use
Is Google Drive what WhatsApp uses?
It’d be nice to find something that a user doesn’t necessarily have to do much to enable the sync to work. I know on iOS most users are typically signed in to iCloud already, so it’s simple to hook into that, just not sure about Android
I know Firebase is an option, and might be the way to go for this
It works by default for autobackup mentioned above and data is shared across devices, tho there is limit per device
There is also paid version of it: https://one.google.com