# android

Halil Ozercan

07/18/2020, 1:07 PM
Hello everyone, this is more of a personal question than a technical one. I've set a goal of improving myself in many aspects of Android Development in the next 12 months to increase my own marketability in the job market. I'm planning to explore most of Jetpack components including compose, how they play out with popular architectural patterns, in what ways Dagger(any dependency injection) should be utilized through out the application, how modular applications differ from traditional monolithic design, to learn details of both unit and UI testing, and etc. This seems a lot considering the time frame and most people would suggest focusing on one thing instead of being jack of all trades. That's why I'm confused and in need of help to figure out what to do. What are your suggestions for a "not so junior anymore" level of Android Developer who has decided to commit his next 5 years to Android Development? What kind of steps should I take today, that will benefit me after 12 months and also 5 years from now?

George Theocharis

07/18/2020, 5:06 PM
Build an app and finish it. Release to the store even. Try to use each library you are learning. Soon you will have a best practices repository and a strong portfolio piece.