Hey everyone :wave: :grin: having a long day My AS...
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Hey everyone 👋 😁 having a long day My AS 4.0 is taking ages to build am using Kotlin DSL 🙂 it's now 15 minutes am working with a Dell machine Dell XPS is DSL stable yet 🤔
It's stuck on Gradle : importing build script classpath data. In AS 3.6.3 it was working fine now here is taking ages 😔😄
Works fine for me on AS 4.0 Try restart Gradle daemon, if it reproducible, makes sense to report
You can try killing the java process or run
./gradlew --stop
and try again, it's probably a shady bug… It happens from time to time for the gradle Daemon to get crazy and never end builds, and killing it is the solution.
Yep it happens to me every 2 weeks, I noticed it more in last month or so.