Anyone have a pointer on how to run multiple motio...
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Anyone have a pointer on how to run multiple motionlayout transitions sequentially? I.e. after first one ends, trigger second one
I haven't used
yet but I saw the word "sequentially" and I thought Coroutines!! Maybe you can use suspend functions.
😂 1
Unfortunately that won’t be the case here 😄
There is a nice part called
Choreographing multi-step animations
which indeed has some coroutine things under the hood 🙂 But in essence it is a callback transformed into a coroutine
I actually ran into that before but didn’t quiet get through it! I’ll take another look, choregraphing sounds exactly what I need, thanks!
so you can use the motionlayout transitionlistener to see when your transition has finished, and then call the other transition
Yep, that’s one option I’m trying out. Wish there was some nice XML way to do it
Like having more than end state and start state for the motion
The only thing you could use is keyframes, but they are really meant to streamline/tweak an animation and not have multiple different animations.