Is there an easy way to limit a DatePicker to only...
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Is there an easy way to limit a DatePicker to only allowing Month and Year selection, or would it be easier to implement my own?
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@bezrukov I tried Google, and couldn't find a satisfactory solution. If you don't have an answer, then please do not be snarky like that.
I reacted with google because this channel is intended to discuss Kotlin related questions
This is an Android channel, and given many of the other posts, it is meant for general Android questions.
no, see the channel topic
⚠️ Using Kotlin to build Android applications. google can answer many questions. Android Studio Integration. Android-specific Gradle. If not related to Kotlin, please consider using StackOverflow and/or
If that was the case, then you'd be posting that to all the other questions that aren't directly related to Kotlin
note, that I didn't post to you anything until you mentioned me. I only reacted to it, you can scroll over the channel and see both google and stackoverflow reactions are often used when question is absolutely unrelated to kotlin 🤷‍♂️