<@URS21GXJ5> I’m wondering why we should not consi...
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@Muhammad Zubair I’m wondering why we should not consider this channel in case someone have
related question. I was hopping we are community, even tho about
mainly, that are filled with professionals in Android and near technologies. And if we are professionals, why could we ask here tricky
questions to get smart answers and getting even smarter?! Even if question is not fully related to
I think the thing is that this channel sometimes feels like a first-choice support channel for low quality basic questions. And so the tricky android questions you mention are lost anyway
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Well, it would be nice, if the title will be in the way you mentioned it, not in the
forbidden way
, but I'm totally agree with your point.
Another reason is that Jetbrains is presumably paying to run this slack as a service to the Kotlin community because they develop kotlin, and not as a general Android support channel. It would be awesome if Google had a similar public slack or something for the Android community, but I don't think they do.