03/28/2020, 3:21 PM
I'm designing the app model (not necessarily the
-ies) with the help of the room docs. The thing is that in
scenario the parent knows nothing about the children plus every child has only an ID of the parent. However I absolutely have to have an
as well as the list of application results (not just ids, whole objects) in
. Is it possible to do so in Room?
every example I've seen out there have just primitives (I mean string, int etc) in the
One solution would be to separate my
classess (diagram) from the actual
-ies and just convert stuff on the go, but I would have to make a couple of additional database calls so this approach isn't very scalable
if it comes to the app architecture, it looks like this: (still working on it tho, it's not complete and may contain some bugs)
also I can't just annotate stuff with
as I need these things to be in separate tables
uhh so thanks to this blog now I know that I can just use
in case of
AdEntry -- ApplicationResult
relation, still don't know what about the
AdEntry -- Ad
in other words, I want
to be embedded but in a separate table

jean pokou

03/29/2020, 7:46 PM
I think you need to create a table Ad like you diagram shows.
I mean at the end of the day Room is just a ORM so it does convert to SQLite and its impossible to include a table as a row in a relational db. There is a concept of virtual table in SQLite but its different from table. It behaves like View