I enabled the `viewBinding` in Android Studio 3.6....
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I enabled the
in Android Studio 3.6.1, with Gradle 6.2.2, Android Gradle plugin 3.6.1 and Kotlin Gradle plugin 1.3.70. This code:
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val binding = SomeLayoutBinding.bind(itemView)
produces this warning in the IDE:
Declaration has type inferred from a platform call, which can lead to unchecked nullability issues. Specify type explicitly as nullable or non-nullable.
Even though, when I open the generated
file, I see that it's annotated with `@NonNull`:
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  public static SomeLayoutBinding bind(@NonNull View rootView) {
Am I missing something here? Anybody else has this issue? Where would I even report it?
Check for existing issues and report here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues?q=viewbinding
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