What libraries do you guys use for testing modern ...
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What libraries do you guys use for testing modern Kotlin apps? I tried using Junit5 and MockK, while junit5 seems rather okay, the MockK seems horrible, outdated. EDIT: Use 1.9.3 version of MockK and it works fine
I haven’t seen any deprecation with Mockk, been using Junit4 and Mockk for Android dev and they work fine.
I've been using Junit5 tho. Might check it out. But how do you mock a suspend fun without coEvery? (That is deprecated). Their docs only mention this https://mockk.io/#coroutines While using it gets you an error
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java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: kotlinx/coroutines/experimental/BuildersKt
Idk I might be doing something wrong but haven't found any answers in their docs nor online. @antoniomarin
I use also strikt for assertions. And do my best to not use mockk 😉
Mockk is supposed to have Kotlin-friendly API, but since it PowerMock-like functionality under the hood it’s much slower than plain Mockito with Mockito-Kotlin (which I use without issues), see https://github.com/mockk/mockk/issues/13
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