# android

Brendan Weinstein

02/20/2020, 6:14 PM
Is there a common way that apps receiving an ACTION_SEND intent let the launching app know if the action was completed (eg user launches share sheet in App A -> taps whatsapp -> whatsapp populates message draft with link -> user taps send -> intent is returned with some special field denoting that a share send was completed)? edit: I've combed through the docs and can see how we can confirm that another app was launched from the share sheet; just haven't seen a way for us to confirm that that apps actually completed the intended action

Ryan Mentley

02/20/2020, 11:03 PM
Short answer: no. Longer answer: that's a complicated question that may have a complicated answer depending on what the other app is
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Brendan Weinstein

02/21/2020, 12:35 AM
That makes sense. I guess the messaging app can call setResult(Result.OK, intent) and pass some information back in the intent. And my guess would be that that data is accessible in the PendingIntent in the original app?
I guess a hacky way to get around this would be to track ip address and include a small image.