Hey guys, Can main app module and library module h...
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Hey guys, Can main app module and library module have different product flavors. If yes then how?
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In my case library has some configuration classes which it reads from main app
Can we have this library work in this case as I want it to just be plug n play in different projects.
Any help appreciated
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@satyan thanks man. Sorry this won't work
So in my case there is a library which has say 4 flavours containing some class named xyz under different folders
Now any app can import this library but it's own product flavors will be different than the ones used library.
Since configuration class in library depends on app module configuration which has different flavors
So I'm bit confused how would it work
@dawidhyzy isn't this Android group?
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Sorry my bad I didn't know that we can't address Android stuff in this channel
This is why this channel becomes mess
I agree