Is there any information out there on how Android ...
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Is there any information out there on how Android plugin version in IntelliJ maps to Android Studio version? For example, what Android Studio version does Android plugin in IntelliJ 2019.3 map to?
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I don't think that they will be mapping those two things. But i could be wrong.
@ghedeon Not every question belongs to stack overflow. He'd just get down voted.
not every android question goes to kotlin slack. But it's an organisational fail, I can understand the confusion.
I'd say it is probably because there are no well-known places left for general advice.
#general-advice . I'll try to answer to the best of my ability
It is kinda-kotlin related (I'm looking into migrating to IntelliJ for my Android Kotlin projects since Android studio for some reason does not allow installation of Kotlin 1.3.60)
Try updating it today
Just a few hours ago, I got a notification to update kotlin and i'm using 1.3.60
Still blocked
Oh, it says that it has blocked 1.3.61
but you want to install 1.3.60? < This version is verified.
Sorry, that took so long to reply
Have you solved it?
I still have 1.3.50, I would love to have any newer version 😄
but only option it is showing is 1.3.61 which is blocked
can you manually try to update kotlin?
Do you get errors still?
Ok, I just updated my kotlin to
This is my
file at the project level
Tell me if that works
this works, but it only updates the project
not IDE plugin
So, you are unable to use the latest kotlin still?
Tell me what steps you follow to update your plugin
I have it updated here to the latest version. Do you update it via here?
maybe you need to update android studio?
My guess is that they are doing something weird with 3.6 beta studio
you have 3.5 (stable)