Hi everyone, I have just released a new library fo...
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Hi everyone, I have just released a new library for generating RecyclerView adapters using annotations. If you hate writing your adapter over and over just have a look at it and tell me what's your opinion: https://github.com/PsHegger/recycleradapter-generator
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Very happy to see that I’m not the only one who doesn’t like to write RecyclerView adapter and tries to make it easier. 😂 I also wrote a library about it, but in a different way: https://github.com/fengdai/registry
Can’t you do all that with just simple custom views as listitems.. ?
Which library are you talking about? Gergely’s or mine? @Christophe Smet
No library, just in general. Wouldn’t it be easier to map models (listitems) to a layout. Inflate it and bind it ? Then you don’t need annotations etc.
I think that’s a feasible method. But, if we need
, how can we fetch it in a custom view?
But your thought gives me an idea of adding a
annotation to my library. Or a version of
with a data parameter. 😀