hey does some one know this error? if I do gradlew...
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hey does some one know this error? if I do gradlew assemble I get this, I have databinding enabled in gradle
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> Task :myapp:kaptDebugKotlin FAILED
e: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/JAXBException
Try it with JDK 8, this should work.
I am a bit confused, which jdk 8 should I use? and what is the best practice? since I have openJDK 11 as default, how do I switch properly back and forth?
See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18487406/how-do-i-tell-gradle-to-use-specific-jdk-version Note that I'm suggesting this only as a workaround. The situation you are describing looks like a bug. If possible, please report this to http://kotl.in/issue with an attached project to reproduce the issue.
thanks, will try!
your JDK version is too new, they removed JAXB from the newer versions, potentially breaking a bunch of development processes, backends, etc -- you need to use JDK8 for it to work
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Are you trying to build an app with Databinding enabled on Intellij IDEA ?
Or Android Studio
databing enabled in build.gradle building from terminal