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09/20/2019, 3:01 PM
Hi there guys, I'm using navigation, single activity and fragments + dialogs + main fragment is a google map. Issue, doing things like:
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alert(getString(R.string.MY_MESSAGE)) {
            yesButton {
                it.dismiss() // TODO investigate navigation from dialogs and lag
                navigateTo(actionMapFragmentToOtherFragment()) }
            noButton {}
The app freezes when navigating back to the map. Ideas?
This also happens with a bottom sheet dialog which is navigating to another node in the graph, the bottom sheet is a dialog node in the graph. Basically, from fragment A -> Dialog B -> Fragment C -> Fragment A, Dialog B seems to remain shown but hidden, not visible bu map is extremely slow. When I manually dismiss the dialog before the transition, seems to be fine. Thanks, kind regards!