i have been trying to get the popup message from u...
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i have been trying to get the popup message from ussd in android. I found a way. Please i would like to know if there is a better way of doing this https://github.com/Pheonix73/Read_USSD_Popup_to_LogCat
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for those coming across this later, the reason I objected to this was the off-label use of the accessibility service and associated privacy implications. We've been having another discussion in DM to investigate other approaches. 🙂
@Adam Powell I appreciate your feedback.
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Usecase: I have an app that uses USSD for bank transaction. I want to know when the payment is successful. If it is, then it should go to another activity.
what triggers that exchange? Is your app sending a USSD message and expecting a response back, or is the exchange more complex than that?
The app doesn't send any ussd message. Some banks have the option of using their Ussd code to either transfer money or send airtime. So the apps removes the stress of remembering your bank code.
So all you do is type in the account number and the amount.
But the ussd code is running behind the scene. So I would want to open another activity,when the ussd transaction was successful.