# android

Paul Dhaliwal

08/16/2019, 3:04 PM
I have a custom view that animates when clicked for which I’m trying to improve performance. When I enable Show GPU view updates in developer settings I notice that while this view is animating the entire screen flashes the whole time it is animating. There is also an animated vector drawable inside the same FrameLayout as this custom view and while the AVD is animating the entire screen flashes as well. Is this a good indicator of where the performance issues may come from? If so how could I solve this? Alternatively I have the same custom view in another layout which has no performance issues and I notice that while this view is animating, at first the whole screen flashes however for the last half of the animation only the custom view flashes. Thanks!
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It seems the key difference between the two views is that the view which doesn’t flash the whole screen is in a Frame Layout. Making that change stops the entire screen from flashing, however it doesn’t affect performance so it appears unrelated.