I’m really confused by this stacktrace that I’m se...
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I’m really confused by this stacktrace that I’m seeing:
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0 java.lang.NullPointerException: throw with null exception
1 at com.domain.app.data.models.ReverseGeocodeData$ReverseGeocodeMeta.getAddress$app_releaseFlavor(Unknown Source:3)
2 at com.domain.app.data.models.ReverseGeocodeData.getAddress(SourceFile:23)
3 at com.domain.app.main.home.map.MapPresenter$geocodeCoordinateAddress$1.invokeSuspend(SourceFile:1050)
I’m confused by the function signature
. What causes the
to be appended to the name? I’m not really sure how to debug this, because the call chain appears to expect null and transform it at all the correct points.
Probably the strangest part of the issue is that this crash never occurs in the debug build flavors, only the release build flavors. The only difference between the two being that proguard runs for the release build
I believe this is the same issue https://github.com/square/okhttp/issues/3245
Unfortunately, this crash is manufacturer-agnostic and the crash is occurring at a call-site post call-completion