Anyone is using `<
# android
Anyone is using
? Gradle imports this dependency successfully and the symbol is recognized but I get the compile error
Unresolved reference: Preferences
when trying to use it
This is a MPP project right? If yes you need to import common and iOS into the correct modules too
Also you might want to use instead it's actually updated
import common and iOS into the correct modules
sorry, did not get what you meant with this one. I only import this "Preferences" in the app code
I tried russhwolf but stopped at some point since I did not get how to use it
These libaries are for Kotlin Multi Platform libaries, you have to put a common import into the common library (implementation "com.gitub.florent37multiplatform preferences1.0.0") and the android import into the android module implementation "com.gitub.florent37multiplatform preferences ios1.0.0" into the ios module if you're using ios in your kotlin multi platform project
else you get unresolved reference errors, though your issue sounds like you're using a jvm target and not an android one
Yes you were right, after changing to android presets all things started to work. thank you!