Hallo, does any of you use currently any redux imp...
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Hallo, does any of you use currently any redux implementation in Android? is there any stable usable library? What are the experiences so far with redux in Android for you? I have used redux before with Angular and it was great. Now I'm trying to decide between using redux or Android Architecture Components with MVVM. Regards
Doesn’t look as a question related to kotlin
We can make it kotlin, we have this: https://github.com/ReKotlin/ReKotlin
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just from a practical standpoint, I've never seen a single complex android app written purely with redux. (Assuming we're talking the whole app, not just UI)
also #android-architecture
possible alternative in Rx: https://github.com/freeletics/rxredux
There are some great articles on medium.com comparing the two. My experience is usually native 'things', like MVVM arch comp, for Android are better.