Morning everyone! How's everyone's experience with...
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Morning everyone! How's everyone's experience with Anko been for Android development? Been thinking of starting a project using Anko. Thanks everyone!
A lot of people in this chat. So you may just ask your questions, if you have any
I think he is just interested if it is worth to start a project with anko nowadays or go straight to ConstrainLayout
Aaa? But anko is not a replacement for constraint layout or any other layout. You use the same views and layouts as before
Also anko is not only DSL for layouts
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Anko supports ConstraintLayout also. We are using anko for quite some time and we didn’t encounter any issues with it. Thank god no more XML’s 🙂
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Thanks for the info everyone ! Can't wait to try it
But how would you work without preview? When I used Anko this is the most annoying thing I encountered. I couldn’t check what it looks like unless you build it.