Hi guys! Sorry for my stupid question but I had m...
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Hi guys! Sorry for my stupid question but I had misunderstood some basics about using Kotlin. I have an project that is written in Kotlin and I want to know if the Kotlin compiler is used. What line if code should I found in Android Studio that will give me clarification? And another question about the same Kotlin compiler, I found some comments that this compiker could slow down some old devices. I have this app that will be used on old devices and I want to know if I can use only Java compiler and delete Kotlin compiler or just not use it. Or is beter to delete java compiler if the app is only in Kotlin written? Thanks for your help!
Hi, I suggest you read this : https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/using-gradle.html There is a gradle file that is responsible for this. You can have an app with both kotlin and java code, but I am not sure compilation got anything to do with how fast it will run. If you want to be sure your app will work on all devices you need to choose the right SDK. If you use Android Studio you'll have a clear idea about your app's compatibiliy before you create it ^^
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