I’m not sure if this is the right channel to ask b...
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I’m not sure if this is the right channel to ask but let me give it a try. Apks built with Kotlin 1.3.0 are failing in dex2oatd class and method verification while building AOSP ROM. Looks like there is some issue with newly introduced unsigned types or inline classes in AOSP build. But we are not using both of those features. Even though APKs are built and working fine, they are failing in dex2oatd verification in AOSP ROM build. Error is,
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dex2oatd F art/compiler/driver/compiler_driver.cc:661] Had a hard failure verifying all classes, and was asked to abort in such situations. Please check the log.
dex2oatd Fdex2oatd I art/runtime/verifier/method_verifier.cc:333] Verification error in int kotlin.UShort.compareTo(java.lang.Object)
dex2oatd I  art/runtime/verifier/method_verifier.cc:333] int kotlin.UShort.compareTo(java.lang.Object) failed to verify: int kotlin.UShort.compareTo(java.lang.Object): [0x6] invoke-super/virtual can't be used on private method int kotlin.UShort.compareTo-xj2QHRw(short)
dex2oatd I art/runtime/verifier/method_verifier.cc:333] 
 art/runtime/runtime.cc:366]Runtime aborting...

dex2oatd W art/runtime/class_linker.cc:3119] Verification failed on class kotlin.UShort in /system/priv-app/app.apk:classes2.dex because: Verifier rejected class kotlin.UShort due to bad method int kotlin.UShort.compareTo(java.lang.Object)
Any idea why this might happen? Everything works fine till Kotlin 1.2.70