Hi my android library team is considering using Ko...
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Hi my android library team is considering using Kotlin for our library, now it is pure java. It is not easy to convince all team members to start using it because if we start using Kotlin, users who use our library should take care of the Kotlin version in their apps to avoid Kotlin version conflict. If there are some use cases it will be helpful. Is there any library successfully applied Kotlin?
Is this a question from 2016? 🤔
There's a few coming out. It's about ensuring you are up to date. Also Kotlin bytecode since 1.0 has been fully backwards compatible. So you should be fine
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Swift world has it way worse and they make do with it
Real issue is whether your library's users are using Java. E.g. companies that are slow to adopt newer tech like insurance companies or banks...
@agrosner Thanks! It was hard to find that kind of information for me.
np! the team has been very careful on introducing any breaking changes on previous versions. The square team has started moving some of the “ok” libraries to multiplatform kotlin from Java. Its a matter of time that someone uses kotlin in their lib and others follow suit and just use it
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Okio is 100% Kotlin! It works really well for us
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