not everyone is using Fragments, which is what the...
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not everyone is using Fragments, which is what the probably had in mind when deprecating it
They deprecated
in favor of the support library fragment. Has nothing to do with usage. They're actually encouraging people to use Fragments more and migrate toward a single-activity architecture.
deprecating the progressdialog
Oh I see. Yeah that makes more sense
Do not replace ProgressDialog with FragmentDialog or any other dialog, replace it with views! It’s the best way
Also your assumption about reason for deprecation is incorrect, just check what they wrote in deprecation message:
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ProgressDialog is a modal dialog, which prevents the user from interacting with the app. Instead of using this class, you should use a progress indicator like ProgressBar, which can be embedded in your app's UI. Alternatively, you can use a notification to inform the user of the task's progress.
Exactly what I proposed, just use progress as part of your UI, do not use any dialogs for progress
Imho dialogs have their place. By that logic you shouldnt have modals ever and add a framelayout to every activity and put modal like views in hieratchy which is silly
Or deprecating modals and forcing every action to have Undo snackbar. Obviously sometimes its nicer, but sometimes it doesnt fit, hence I dont think it was a good call to deprecate
Imho dialogs have their place
DIalogs yes, but not loaders in dialogs
By that logic you shouldnt have modals ever
No, modals make sense if you need immediate interaction with user. Loader doens’t have any actions, user can do nothing with it
put modal like views in hieratchy which is silly
Exactly. In most cases loader should be showed in context of action, like loader instead button, pull-to-refresh, loader on place of some view etc. Loading overlays sometimes can be useful, it’s true but it’s minority of cases and usually view based solution still looks better. Also, one more common case that view-based overlay can block only Activity content and do not bblock toolbar and allow user to escape from screen, dialogs block ui and even if you allow to cancel it using “back button” it’s not so good UX And don’t forget about huge pain to control loader dialogs. You need some fields to keep current dialog to cancel it or check is it visible or not. Control view is so much simple. Also progress based on view works much better with state save/restore. So I see why progress dialog deprecated and it encourage developers to provide better UI and UX for their applications
Well lets agree to disagree. Even modern google apps use it, forexample google photos whem deleting pops up loading dialog, and its perfectly fine imo