Hi there I'm Chester from South Africa in a few mo...
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Hi there I'm Chester from South Africa in a few months time I'll be presenting at a meetup here in SA, I would just like to ask what functional aspects of Kotlin should I highlight in my talk (The topic is going to be Functional Android)? Thank you
In general, I recommend Jorge Castillo’s posts; he is a contributor in the Arrow library (a library that allows functional constructors on the top of the std-lib). Also, it’s helpful to review blogs and talks in functional programming in general (not necessarily related to Android)
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I think Arrow is pretty advnaced
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And the authors talks about it are as well
It isn’t advanced or complicated in my opinion. It is just that many concepts in the library (Functor, Applicative, Monad) are no so familiar to us in the mobile world because our paradigm and maybe formation comes from the OO
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Arrow, is a open source Library, it's not actually part of the Kotlin Language... If your doing a talk on Functional Programming, than focus on concepts like High Order Functions.
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