Hi, anyone here that has successfully migrated to ...
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Hi, anyone here that has successfully migrated to AndroidX and could help me take a decision regarding an open source library currently relying on multiple support libraries? Please manifest yourself in this thread or DM if yes.
I didn't, but maybe you know when that:
The stable release of 28.0.0 will be the final feature release packaged as android.support. All subsequent feature releases will only be made available as androidx-packaged artifacts.
is going to happen? In other words, when to expect releases subsequent to 28.0.0?
i just tried it with an app project but got a lot of errors like:
Unable to resolve dependency for ':app@debugUnitTest/compileClasspath': Failed to transform file 'firebase-iid-11.8.0.aar' to match attributes {artifactType=jetified-aar} using transform JetifyTransform
after refactoring, so I guess it's a no from my side
I'd strongly advise to reconsider androidX until it's stable. I've tried it yesterday and I want my day back. Tons of errors, gradle went ape shit crazy, broken dependencies. It's alpha gradle plugin + release candidate build tools + canary IDE. Not a single thing is stable in this pile of half backed stuff.
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@arekolek I had the same issues at gradle sync, but this StackOverflow post helped me get past gradle sync: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50286808/unable-to-resolve-dependency-using-transform-jetifytransform However, it didn't compile, and showed unresolved references. With the fix I mentioned, does your project compile correctly after AndroidX migration?
We migrated one of our apps but it's pretty small but still spent a lot of time, jettifier just doesn't work for me as expected
@louiscad yes, like you say, upgrading fabric helped, but then I get a lot of "cannot find symbol" errors from databinding generated files