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04/30/2018, 9:01 AM
is there someone that can help me online?
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04/30/2018, 9:08 AM
Just ask your question without prelude, there are 15k people in this chat
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You should check code of conduct that you already confirmed before joining this slack:
@Andrea If you would check this document you will know that:
Don’t split messages into multiple ones. Ask it all in a single message.
Use code blocks. Don’t paste code as plain text. Slack supports Kotlin markup. If the code you are pasting is longer than a few lines, use “Code or text snippet” available from + menu next to message input. Only first few lines will be displayed to all users and people interested in the code can expand your code to look into details.
While it’s polite to say “Hi” or “I have a question” before asking something, it doesn’t scale and leads to noise. You can say hello in the same message you ask the question if you like.