Anko coroutines? There is very basic usage of coro...
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Anko coroutines? There is very basic usage of coroutines in Anko itself. Maybe you mean kotlinx.coroutines? A lot of people played. Personally don’t see any big pain points, maybe testing tools for Rx2 are more mature, Anyway, maybe better to ask in #coroutines
Anko coroutines is (I believe) just the co routines part of Anko.
It's talked about in Kotlin for Android developers when the book covers coroutines
Yes, I know that Anko has coroutines module. sBut as I said it’s very small, just 2 simple functions bg and async Most featurefull implementation is kotlinx.coroutines (used by anko in anko-coroutines, but exposes only very small part of features)
also to use coroutines on Android you don’t need anko at all