# android


04/15/2017, 11:13 AM
@miha-x64 Could you share the most complex layout you have created with Anko? Did you hit any wall and had to go back to xml for any reason?


04/15/2017, 11:22 AM
I have some XML parts, see this issue & my comments:
I've shared some of my Anko code. Don't remember whether it was in #anko or in #codingconventions, both have been lost in Slack history 🙂 I have no complex layouts. 🙃 While using Anko DSL, I typically prefer two-space indentation to fit lines easier. I also set adapters, decorations and all these things in Fragment's onCreateView. Adapters are typically represented by anonymous classes and contain item views and/or binding code, so all fragment's UI is quite monolithic and declared in a single place.