for those who are using Kotlin in large, multi-mod...
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for those who are using Kotlin in large, multi-module production codebases, what tooling are you using for Kotlin specific code coverage? we have historically used JaCoCo which served us well for many years, but our codebase is now >50% Kotlin and we’ve found that JaCoCo’s update cycle moves a little too slow for the frequency with which we update to the latest stable versions of Kotlin.. so when we bump our Kotlin version we end up seeing dramatic coverage drops when the newer Kotlin compiler adds extra branches etc to bytecode for existing code, since JaCoCo doesn’t know how to handle/filter these branches yet I’ve heard conflicting reports of how well JetBrains’ own kotlinx.kover library works (fair enough, since it is a relatively new tool) so I am exploring that, but I would love to hear what others are using for Kotlin coverage
we still use jacoco and so far it does work good enough. some hiccup, and not 100% reliable, but overall good enough for what is anyway just an indication (10 modules project) another team in our uses kover and they are very happy, so I am also planning at giving it a look at some point