I'm trying to choose what book to buy to learn Kot...
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I'm trying to choose what book to buy to learn Kotlin. I've found this page https://kotlinlang.org/docs/books.html but am a bit overwhelmed by all the good options. My background is Python, PHP, and JS, and I'm learning Kotlin to be able to use Vertx at work. I'm starting at 0, and would like to learn not just the syntax, but the Kotlin ways of doing things, the why's, and the ecosystem. Can anyone help me narrow down my choices with some recommendations?
I learned Kotlin from "Kotlin in Action" and enjoyed it very much (I've got a strong Java background). I've heard good things from "Atomic Kotlin" as well. As far as I know "Atomic Kotlin" explains the language even if you don't have prior programming experience, so it might be the safer choice, since you don't have Java experience ­čĄö (In case you don't know, Kotlin was written with strong compability to Java in mind, so it feels -at least to me- like a very much improved reimagination of Java.) So one of these two books but do the Kotlin Koans first (i did have problems with the collection section the first time around, so skip this section should you get stuck). It'll give you a good overview! https://kotlinlang.org/docs/koans.html