Is there a good alternative to mapstruct? It’s not...
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Is there a good alternative to mapstruct? It’s not working with kotlin 1.6 and we’re considering our options: waiting for them to fix it, writing the mappers by hand, finding a different library…
When I joined the company couple of years ago, they were moving away of mapstruct. What I can remember from the conversations was: • Issues (can't remember what specifically, but the team said we had issues 🤷 ) • Not much flexible in some specific cases • I don't remember but I suspect wasn't playing nice with Kotlin classes, Gson and something else 🤔 (maybe more specific in our use cases).
We debated on the "boring" work to write mappers, but we added some nice things there, like specific tech analytics tracking when mapping fails, be able to do nice handlings with sealed classes, etc.
Thanks for this! We might end up having to write them too… It’s basically a pain when you do the first move, after is just a little bit more of coding