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01/14/2022, 5:08 PM
Hello team. I am working on some papers for school and I wanted to get some clarification on this portion of the Kotlin Language Specification:
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Kotlin Language Specification is still in progress and has experimental stability level, meaning no compatibility should be expected between even incremental releases, any functionality can be added, removed or changed without warning. What does this refer to when talking about being in experimental stability? Is this referring to the document itself or the Kotlin language?

Marat Akhin

01/15/2022, 9:58 AM
Hi mate, the sentence you mentioned relates to the specification itself. It attempts to document the way Kotlin works to the best of our abilities, but it may still be incomplete, obsolete or even incorrect in some places, therefore, we do not (currently) provide any guarantees. Sowwy 🦭

Alexey Belkov [JB]

01/17/2022, 9:41 AM
Just to be clear, the Kotlin JVM language/compiler itself is stable since version 1.0, see