# getting-started


11/11/2021, 2:48 AM
Hello, I'm to new to kotlin in general, and I love it. I'm intending to create an application for my personal use (finance), what is the recommended GUI library that I should use? I'm mainly going to use it on windows (so other platforms do not matter that much), and what kotlin platform should I use? (or learn?) or should I wait for the libraries/native/multiplatform support to get more stable before developing the application?


11/11/2021, 8:24 AM
Do you have previous experience in desktop UI programming with Java? Like Swing or JavaFX? If it's for a personal application only, and you're ok with things that are being actively developed, you could try Compose for Desktop. I'm not sure about its level of maturity though, it's pretty new. But AFAIK it can be used alongside Swing.