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Lokik Soni

11/06/2021, 12:58 PM
Hello everyone this is my first question in slack i.e I want to perform some operations on data class fields before accessing them to UI. For ex from Broadcast receiver I am passing battery temperature to the data class but the passed temperature format is not required by UI so i want to add logic to convert temperature from kelvin to celsius and hide the kelvin field from UI.
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data class BatteryProfile(
    private val _temperature: Int,
) {
    val temperature get() = logic to convert _temperature from kelvin to celsius

So i applied the above solution but i am feeling it is not good way also I have not seen data class primary constructor field as privete in any example. Please tell me if it is correct way or if wrong so how to achieve this.

Stephan Schroeder

11/06/2021, 1:22 PM
how about
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value class Temperature private constructor(val inKelvin: Int) {
	val inCelsius: Int get()= temperatureInKelvin - 273
    override fun toString() = "${inKelvin}K"

    companion object {
        fun inCelsius(degreesInC: Int) = Temperature((degreesInC + 273).coerceAtLeast(0))

        fun inKelvin(degreesInK: Int) = Temperature( degreesInK.coerceAtLeast(0))

data class BatteryProfile(
    val temperature: Temperature,