Hello what architecture do you suggest for using K...
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Hello what architecture do you suggest for using KMM for android and ios ?
i took a look on the clean architecture with redux on top of it but in my opinion it's a bit complicated although i am not sure if there is a simpler yet scalable architecture better than it
Somewhat of an indirect answer but one of the nice things about KMM is that, for the most part, it doesn't force you to use a particular architecture. The choices you make there are similar ones you'd make if you weren't using KMM. What may influence things somewhat (and certainly to extent of how aligned the architecture used for Android and iOS clients) is how far up the stack you target the shared code. You can include for example your repository, or if using clean architecture, maybe your use case layer in the shared code and then using something like MVVM/MVI in client code. If using Jetpack Compose for your UI on Android then trend seems to be towards using MVI for that (and again that's independent of use or not of KMM).
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