I'm pretty much a brand new programmer. I've been ...
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I'm pretty much a brand new programmer. I've been sucked into this loophole of not being able to decide what language to use. I like the idea of Kotlin, but the people I've spoke with have told me that it is not beginner-friendly and that there are too many quirks in the language for it to be my first language/you need to know Java beforehand, and that I'd be better off with Python/JavaScript. Also, that the community isn't large enough to have the answers to my questions. Could anybody clarify these rumors and help me get out of this awful loophole! Thanks! 🙂
it helps to know what kind of software you’re planning to write once you’ve become good enough at programming, some languages are better fit for specific software right out the gate, so it narrows down the list of choices
if you plan to write mobile apps for the iOS platform, that narrows down the list to 1 language, Android, 1 language, etc..
How would you say is the beginner friendliness of Kotlin?
for someone who is just starting to program, programming itself will be the hurdle to first cross, any language will seem difficult to grasp because programming itself is not trivial and it’s not like if you learn 1 language you’re stuck with it for life I would start with Kotlin
That's good to hear. Are there any specific resources that you like?
but when I started with Kotlin I just read the Kotlin in Action book
Big Nerd Ranch has a great way of explaining things too, they have a “Kotlin Programming” book
At the end of the day, programming languages are just tools available to solve problems. If you're a beginner just learn whatever is useful for you in short-terms (or languages where you know close people could help you with or teach you). Then, if for any reason you need to learn Kotlin (or JavaScript, or Python), you'll have some experience in programming and it's will be easier and faster to be operational. You won't be an expert to begin with but you'll have what it takes to become one if you then focus on a categories of problems which can be solved by a certain language.
I think Kotlin would be an excellent first language. Python would be as well. I would shy away from JavaScript as your first language It is not a well designed language, and has many oddities that confuse even experienced programmers. It would be too easy for you to pick up bad habits that will negatively affect you later. Now as to your concerns, I think both JavaScript and Python have bigger communities, but Kotlin’s community is active and growing. You should have no difficulty getting answers to questions, but straight up web searches may not be as helpful since there is less material out there right now. Second, you don’t need to know Java, but it can be helpful. Since Kotlin maintains compatibility with Java, Java influences Kotlin. If you are brand new to programming I would suggest the Atomic Kotlin book. It does a good job of starting out with simple concepts. The Big Nerd Ranch book is also good, but somewhat out of date for more advanced topics like coroutines. I hope this helps, and good luck no matter your choice.
It definitely helps, thank you!
I started with Basic, C++, C, Scheme, Perl and Java. You’ll be fine starting in Kotlin, and if you like programming you’ll soon meet other languages.