We are glad to announce beta version 0.2.0 of Grad...
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We are glad to announce beta version 0.2.0 of Gradle inspection plugin! Gradle inspection plugin is a tool which is able to run Kotlin inspections, code reformatting and cleanup as Gradle tasks, using configurable versions of IDEA CE and Kotlin plugin. The tool can be helpful as a part of continuous integration and/or code review tools and/or code analysis tools. It's still "project under development", but we will greatly appreciate any feedback about the tool. Basic usage information can be found in README here: https://github.com/JetBrains/inspection-plugin.
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How should i configure it for Android studio? Pick corresponding upstream idea version I suppose?
Yes, it should work
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If it will not, please tell us (create an issue or tell just here)
Thanks, I'll try it soon. Previously we can't run inspect.sh and running idea instance in parallel, this plugin would work in this scenario for local build?
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Do you need to have IDEA on the CI for this to work? Or it's smart enough to only download the needed pieces on its own?
(also: AMAZING!)
Yes, it downloads needed pieces itself
Thank you
I saw issue about usage for Android project and will try to provide an example or a fix soon. In this place it should work like other code quality plugins, e.g.
So finally I reached it, sorry for long delay. You can use this project https://github.com/mglukhikh/inspection-sample-android as a possible example how to apply inspection plugin to Android Studio project (mostly your interest is inside app/build.gradle). At least, it works on my PC 🙂 // cc @dsvoronin @gildor
Thanks! I'll try it just after return from kotlinconf :)
I'm also at kotlinconf, you can reach me at JB Tooling booth if needed
is there any relation with ktlint ?
Nope, it's related to ide inspections mechanism
Ktlint uses some of it's API though