Denis Ambatenne

02/12/2021, 9:53 AM
Hi all, in case you have missed it! 👋 In Kotlin 1.4.30 :kotlin:, we've announced the Beta stage of the new JVM IR backed. This article describes what it is and why it's important to enable it. But let me repeat the article's central thesis here: please, switch on the JVM IR backend and build your project. And if you will face any problems, please use the YouTrack link or this Slack channel to submit your concern or ask a question.  This version of the JVM backend compiler becomes a default one since 1.5. So, we need to test it very-very well, and for that, we call the Community for this kind of activity. And we hope you will answer our call. With love, Kotlin Team.
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Chris Grigg

02/12/2021, 4:23 PM
Been using it in my Android app, working great
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